My name is Don McKenzie. I am a 78-year-old retired On-Line Electronics Business Owner-CEO, and was a Computer Senior Systems Engineer back in 1975.

I started my own Internet-based Electronics and micro-controller online store (CEO and Founder of in 1993 and retired in 2018 at the age of 75. During this time, I pioneered a lot of new Internet concepts such as online payments and helped the Tax Office with the introduction of International tax rulings.  I was the second Internet on-line business that was involved in Electronic Kit Design and Development. I was just beaten to the post by my friend Peter Crowcroft (ex-Tasmanian) with DIY-Electronics in Hong Kong. Sadly Peter passed away in 2006.

These days, I am completely involved with Website development for my two daughters, Sharon and Penny.

So now you have numerous choices with the direction you may wish to proceed:

Sharon's Domains are all affiliate sites:
Whether riding across the State, the Country, or the World, make sure you do it with safety, style and comfort... because that's how we like to Roll!
Home is where a body and soul can rest. With a little help, we can make your home feel like a sanctuary.
Whether it's Scuba Dive Computers, full face snorkel masks, and other beach and holiday accessories, we have product reviews comparing popular brands of Scuba Diving Computers, and Snorkeling gear, as well as other great travel accessories.
The more I research watches, and divers watches in particular, the more I admire their designs, functionality, engineering, and workmanship!

Penny's Domain is
My Partnerships: I collaborate with No Fuss Kitchens to specialise in designing Kitchens, Laundries and Bathrooms.
I’m also a current member of KBDI, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute - KBDi Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD Au).
I am a business owner for ENJO.

Don's Domains:
32V8 is a Free WordPress Website Development Tool
Are you deeply into building web sites? You can quickly match up your posts and pages with many of the popular online web tools.
Need to run a speed test? Enter your site URL, (or your competitor's site) then 3 clicks, and your test is running. Select any post or page with any available tool.
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After converting some very old photographs to colour images and posting them to the "Rainbow - the Famous Australian Town" Facebook group, I was amazed at the Facebook group and private requests that I received to publish a book of them. To invest the time, the energy, and money into something like this at my age simply isn't workable. However as I am skilled at most things computer and web related, I feel the best approach is to publish a website of photos, and build it up over a period of time.