Dontronics Logo

Dontronics Logo

Dontronics was an Australian Internet based Electronics and micro-controller store run by Don McKenzie, that ceased business on the 30th-June-2018. At 75 years of age, it really got beyond me, as I had attempted to re-invent myself several times and simply threw good money away. After being in business since 1964, I had to shut down as my two daughters (Sharon and Penny) don't have an electronics background, and have other business interests they wish to pursue. Both daughters did all of the sales in recent years.

I believe I was the second company on the web selling Electronic kits, beaten only by my friend Peter Crowcroft (DIY Electronics HK), who passed away in 2006. I know I pioneered a lot of new Internet concepts such as online payments that are commonplace today.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia treated me like an alien initially. I assisted the Australian Tax Office with the introduction of the GST tax laws, as they had no idea what the web was about, and didn't comprehend the variety of global transactions that could be done.

A big thank you to everyone that supported Dontronics.

However I notice there are still many visitors to the site, so I felt the need to do two things.

1) Let visitors know why they have reached a site that no longer exists in the form that they were expecting.

2) Take advantage of these visitors by directing them to my two daughter's web sites.

Sharon operates: an affiliate site that reviews products mainly as an Amazon affiliate. World wide sales.

Penny operates: a boutique Interior Design and Decoration business based in Melbourne Australia.

To Email Don: supportxxxx AT where xxxx is the 4 digit current year.