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Pictured above are the most common connectors used to join SimmStick boards together.

These are from left to right:

We are very interested in posting known Sources and part numbers of the above items, so that everyone can have easy access to these items. If anyone has additional information, please let us know.

Dual Row 30 Pin Simm Socket (Memory module type)
(Original use was for adding memory to PC systems.)
These should be of a good quality type with metal clips as shown above. Some plastic clip types are so poor that when a motherboard is dropped a short distance to a table top, the module pops out of its socket. A paint stripper heat gun can be used to remove these sockets from old PC motherboards.

If you have a close look at a SimmStick board, you will find a row of holes just behind the edge connector. These can be used for the installation of male and female standard .1" pins.

Pair of Right Angle male/female connectors.
Used for connecting two boards together end for end such as the dt206  and dt004 combination..

This allows two boards to sit flat on a table top.
Pair of Straight male/female connectors.
Again allows you to connect two boards together, but with straight connectors.

Pins can be mixed and matched to suit, however DonTronics sell them as a pair of R/A or Straight.
These are gold pins at .1" centers and are great for connecting SimmSticks together.

DonTronics Prices:
Pair of Dual Row 30 Pin Simm Sockets.       $5AUD
(4 slots, two actual connectors)
Pair of Right Angle male/female connectors. $4AUD
(as shown above in the picture)
Pair of Straight male/female connectors.    $4AUD
(As shown above in the picture)

DIY Electronics Part Numbers:
Single 30 pin male   connector Straight: PH  101-30-2
Single 30 pin female connector Straight: PHF 101-30-2
Single 30 pin male   connector      R/A: PH  201-30-2
Single 30 pin female connector      R/A: PHF 102-30-2

Subject:             RE: simm sockets
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        Date:     Tue, 27 Apr 1999 14:47:31 -0700
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I got them from Jameco (www.jameco.com) part #100301 (single) or #72531 (dual). Get the singles even though they are more expensive.  The duals are only .19 but are a straight vertical insertion.  The singles at .75 (quantity 10) are vertical, but use the slide it in and snap in place zif style insertion.

Subject:              RE: simm sockets
 Resent-Date:      Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:38:27 -0400
 Resent-From:    sisuser@
          From:       Ben Wirz <ben@wirz.com>
Hi Guys,

I agree with Bob that the Dual SimmSockets from Jameco are poor qualtity. DigiKey, Mouser, and all the surplus houses seem to have a good selection of the sockets. You want to get the ones with metal latches and make sure they are straight and not angled ones.  One problem is that the qualtity seems to vary widely so its best to order a few to start with and more if they look good.
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